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 -420- - Recruiting Now!

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Registration Date : 2008-12-03
Location : Las Venturas, USA.

PostSubject: -420- - Recruiting Now!   Thu Dec 04, 2008 8:09 pm

-420- is a gang originated from the Grove Street Familys.
Based on the airport of Las Venturas, the gang has the advantage of holding the busiest commercial routes of Las Venturas thus making easy money for the gang.
The priority objectives of the gang is to controll our hoods/take over new ones and to be respected by our own members and others.

Gang Rules:
- No Killing without reason! (Shoot only for selfdefence and in gang wars)
- Stay in your role!
- Respect Your Homies!
- Obey your Leaders!
- Be persistent and dont give up!
- Dont whine and dont be an idiot for anybody!
- Tell Wings or Rudealis if you gonna be offduty longer than few days!
- We have Payday every fridays! (!Salery is based on your skills, attitude and activity!)


Gang Members:

O.G : Wings ( Sniper/Gang Area Guard / ***)
O.G : Rudealis_Indica (Dealer / Pilot)
Capo : Steve_Sparrow (GangHitman/ ***)
Enforcer :
Street Thug : ALMIGHTY (Drug Dealer / Driver)
Street Thug : Shark (Driver / Sniper/Gang Area Guard)

We do NOT take eny responsibility of our trial members tagged "Babbo"
Babbo 1 - Asdasson (Sniper/Gang Area Guard)
Babbo 2 - SH0CK3R (Driver)
Babbo 3 - We dont have third Babbo yet.


Available roles:

1.GangHitman is spesialiced to take orders only from homies and kill High priority targets like goverment officers..
(Allowed guns: Uzi/Shotgun/Assault)

2.Sniper/Gang Area Guard is spesialiced taking out dangerous targets from a distance in gang wars and patrolling the gang area!
(Allowed guns Shotgun/Assault/Sniper)

3.Gang Banger is spesialiced in gang wars and protecting our turfs!
(Allowed guns:Pistol/Uzi/Assault

4.Drug Dealer is spesialiced to doing drug runs and getting money and drugs for the gang!
(Allowed guns: Knife/Pistol/Uzi)

5.Personal guard is spesialiced guarding higher ranking homies!
(Allowed guns: Deagle/Uzi/Assault)

-U may also suggest some other role that suits your skills-


Rank's within the gang.

1. O.G's.

2. Capo: A Captain in the family.

3. Enforcer: A member of the Family entrusted to ensuring fulfilment of deals by threats and when necessary killing.

4. Street thug: A mafia term for soldier

5. Babbo: A mafia term for an underling who is considered to be useless – you don't want to be one of these for to long or your days may be numbered.


In order to apply to the -420- gang fill up the following application.

Country of origin?:
Your Age in reality?:

Ingame Name:
Gang role:

What are your ingame skills?:
What are your ingame weakness?:
What is your favourite Weapon?:
How long have you played Sa-Mp?:
How active are you on the server?:
Tell us in your own words what does roleplaying mean?:

Copy and paste this into a reply and fill it in!
Or send PM for Wings or for Rudealis
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-420- - Recruiting Now!
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