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 Las Venturas Times (29/01/09)

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Registration Date : 2008-11-28
Location : United Kingdom

PostSubject: Las Venturas Times (29/01/09)   Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:01 pm

Fued between GeOrGe and Reys!

Author: SGL

Earlier today at around 18:00 GMT, Reys[TPP] a loyal gang member of GeOrGe's gang "The Saints", Left his former gang due to unforseen circumstances. Saints leader GeOrGe_DrIfTeR, Was very unhappy about this and started insulting Reys for his betrayal. Before long an arguement had arisen, And LVRPG council leader SGL suggested that the pair should settle this score in a contest to proove who is the better player. Both agreed and the following hour showed both rivals at each others throats, Attempting to get one over the other in any way possible.

GeOrGe and Reys challenged one another to a game they both excel well at, Drag Racing. Which led to all sorts of havoc among the state of San Andreas.

The pair decided to settle the fued in a classic no weapons hand to hand combat street fight on the las venturas strip, Both gave it everything they had, And it eventually concluded with a double KO.

When the dust settled, Reys decided to rejoin "The Saints" again and both Reys and GeOrGe, Settled the fued with a good ole homie handshake.

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Registration Date : 2008-11-29

PostSubject: Re: Las Venturas Times (29/01/09)   Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:04 pm

lawl, That was great Razz
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Registration Date : 2015-12-11

PostSubject: Re: Las Venturas Times (29/01/09)   Fri Dec 11, 2015 1:04 am

GeOrGe you have a very backwards out of style way of thinking
we're the 21st century now
if i didn't know you any better, i would have thought you were writing this in 2009
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PostSubject: Re: Las Venturas Times (29/01/09)   

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Las Venturas Times (29/01/09)
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