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 Mission for SGL

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Registration Date : 2015-12-11

PostSubject: Mission for SGL   Sat Dec 12, 2015 6:46 pm

Greetings, agent. You have been selected for the next mission. The goal of the mission is to infiltrate the enemy camp known as *CLASSIFIED* server and gain more information about *CLASSIFIED* admin and his activities.

This is a mission which requires only one agent. You are expected to be the lone wolf of the operation and report back to base every two days.

TS07 depends on your fulfillment of this said mission. Failure to go through with it, puts the entire group in jeopardy. Good luck, agent.

Objective 1:
- Acquire a jar of peanut butter from your local supermarket.
- Head home undetected and open peanut butter jar.
- Pull pants down and rub peanut butter on your balls aka testicles.
- Head back outside and move undetected through the city (vital).
- Reach the nearest sea, fish, and aquarium store.
- Dip your peanut butter smeared balls in the piranha tank.
- Report back to base with discoveries about *CLASSIFIED* server.
- Report back to base with discoveries about *CLASSIFIED* admin.

Objective 2:
TBA - Report back to base after Objective 1 is completed.
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Registration Date : 2008-11-29
Age : 25
Location : Ontario, Canada.

PostSubject: Re: Mission for SGL   Sat Mar 19, 2016 4:48 am

Samuelgamelegend is good people. Man I miss this fucking server.
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Mission for SGL
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